Welcome to the SweetMusik Fall Recital 2002 page!
On Monday evening, September 30, 2002, some amazing young musicians performed for friends and family at the SweetMusik Studios Recital Hall.  I was very proud of the hard work that went into this excellent and very fun show!  
The program and pictures of the performers are shown below; click on the small "thumbnail" pictures to see a full-sized version.        

Thanks, Paul Smith    [click here for Spring Recital 2002]  [click here for Fall Recital 2001]

 Gavin Van Steenburgh
 "Ode to Joy"

  Anna Bakker
"Indian Song"

 Roohi Byakod
 "Ode to Joy"

 Norie Omiya
 "Indian Song"

 Ethan Van Steenburgh

 Natalia Rivas 
"Groundhog Day"

 Chelsea Soldan

 Arany Athuyakumar
 "Blues in C"

 Charlie Beck  "When the Saints Go Marching In" 

 Varun Dupuguntla
 "Going For Baroque"

 Celina McCaffrey

 Manasa Padmanabhan
"Whirlwind Boogie"

 Mackenzie Soldan
 "Falling Snowflakes"

 Ciara McCaffrey
"Mardi Gras"

 Christopher Strickland 
 "Brahms' Lullaby"

 Gabriel Pereyra
"The Entertainer"

 Julio Pereyra "Theme from Mission Impossible"

 David Strickland
 "Theme from Star Wars"

 Udayan Gupta
 "Fur Elise"

 Paul Alan Smith
 "Hit and Run"/"Solfeggietto"

 SweetMusik Kids  -  "Three Blind Mice" and "Down By The Bay" 

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