sweetmusik kids spring recital 2002 SweetMusik Kids (left to right):
 Arany Uthayakumar, 
 Mary Beck, 
 Ethan Van Steenburgh, 
 Roohi Byakod, 
 Charlie Beck, 
 Anna Bakker, 
 Rachel Blocher

Welcome to the SweetMusik Spring Recital 2002 page!
On Monday evening, April 29, 2002, a lucky audience was privileged to hear and enjoy performances by a talented group of new musicians.  The program and pictures of the performers are shown below; click on the small "thumbnail" pictures to see a full-sized version.  [click here for the FALL RECITAL 09-30-02 page]   [click here for Fall Recital 2001]

 SweetMusik Kids   "Cie D'ie Effigy", "Boogie Woogie Bunny", and "La Bamba"

 Natalia Rivas 
 "Indian Song"

 Norie Omiya 
"Going For Baroque"

 Manasa Padmanabhan
 "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

 Justin Unno

 Charlie Beck  
"Indian Song"

 Arany Athuyakumar
"Ode to Joy"

 Ethan Van Steenburgh
 "Ode to Joy"

 David Strickland
 "Fur Elise"

 Ciara McCaffrey
 "Minuet in G"

 Julio Pereyra
 "Pathetique Sonata"

 Anusha Bagchi 
 "Minuet in G"

 Gabriel Pereyra
"Prelude in C"

 Rafaello Lacapra
 "Fur Elise"

 Christopher Strickland 

 Jasper Pagadala 
 "Jesu, Joy of Desiring"

 Mackenzie Soldan

 Celina McCaffrey
 "La Cucaracha"

 Paul Alan Smith
 "The Bermuda Triangle Song"
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